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Garmin Lets Users Track Location and Health with Vivofit

Garmin Lets Users Track Location and Health with Vivofit

When you think of Garmin, you probably think of a device with GPS hood and mount for a car. While this type of product is very common, Garmin has actually produced a wide range of other products that are meant for use in other aspects of the average persons’ life. The Vivofit is Garmin’s way of combining GPS technology with the personal health needs of the consumer.

Vivofit is a wrist-worn fitness tracker that looks much like a modern watch. The device will monitor the number of steps the user takes and determines the amount of calories burned daily.


This concept doesn’t sound terribly new, but it comes with some convenient features. Phone apps can do the same thing but the Vivofit gives users a way of tracking calorie burn without taking their expensive smartphone with them. The device is worn comfortably on the wrist where it won’t interfere with movement or fall on the ground due to fast, rapid motion.


The LCD screen is non-backlit with crystal clear data that utilizes ambient lighting efficiently. A quick press of a button lets the user cycle through screens to see distance, calories burned and other vital information that lets them improve their workout routine.


You won’t have to worry about recharging the Vivofit, either. The device uses regular watch batteries instead of a lithium battery that must be charged using a USB port. This allows the fitness tracker to function for up to one year before needing a battery change.


Other features include water resistance up to 50 meters, a built-in smart pedometer, synchronization with the Garmin Connect app and sleep tracking tools. Users can also pair the Vivofit with Garmin’s heart rate monitor for better health and fitness tracking.


Users may find that the Vivofit isn’t the most advanced fitness tracker, but it is one of the most practical thanks to its long battery life and straightforward interface.

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