Questions About Our Products

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Q. Can I use your shade on my SmartPhone?

A. Yes, we now sell a shade just for SmartPhones here.


Q. Do I have to put anything on my GPS, how is the visor held on?

A. Our traditional visors come with a strip of ‘sticky’ Velcro® that must be placed on the unit. The adhesive is ‘high temperature’ so it will stay put in a warm vehicle (but not a blazing hot vehicle).

A. Our in-dash visors can be installed with either ‘sticky’ Velcro®, or can be inserted into the CD player for easy removal.


Q. I’m using a RAM® mount. How do I attach the visor?

A. You can either mount the visor to the RAM® mount itself OR cut a notch in the top of the visor to allow for the RAM® mount clip.


Q. I use my GPS inside of an AQUABOX®, can I still use your product?

A. Sure! Just mount the visor to the AQUABOX® instead of the GPS. You’ll need to measure the size of your AQUABOX® and enter those dimensions in our Sizing Tool.


Q. Can I use your visor on my in-dash navigation unit?

A. Yes, we now offer an in-dash Visor with 2 installation options here.


 Q. Do you really promise to refund my money if I do not like your sun shade?

A. Yes! Try one for yourself for 30 days. If it doesn’t do what you want,  return it for a full refund.


Q. Will the visor block the speakers on my GPS?

A. No, our traditional visor mounts along the front edge of the top and sides of the unit and does not cover the speakers, or interfere with antennas.


Q. My GPS has a power switch on top near the front, will your visor cover it?

A. In some cases it might, but it is still not a problem.

  1. If it’s a push-button, you simply place the Velcro® on either side of the switch, you can actually ‘push’ the button by pressing on the visor where it passes over the switch.
  2. If you have a sliding switch, you can just move it with your finger. Remember, our sun shades are flexible.
  3. Or, if you wish, you can cut a notch in the back edge of the visor visor in that area. You can do this without harming the visor – you might loose one stitch but it won’t unravel or fray. Refer to the ‘detailed’ instructions.


Q. Will this work on a motorcycle?  I am afraid it will blow off.

A. We recommend your bike have a windscreen. You should be fine if protected from direct wind blast.


Q. I ordered my visor over two weeks ago. Where is it, did you send it?

A. 99% of the time, we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please allow a full 10 business days, then contact us for resolution. We will take care of the problem!


Q. I have been taking my visor off my GPS frequently for storage and now the sticky Velcro® is coming loose, do you have any suggestions?

A. First of all, our visors are designed to fold up so you don’t need to take them off. But if you find you must remove it frequently for some reason, try to do it gently so as not to lift the sticky Velcro® strip.


Another technique others have used is to remove some of the little ‘hooks’ (on the visor side) of the Velcro® so the visor does not grip so tightly. Fingernail clippers work well for this.


Q. What are the tabs on top of the visor supposed to do?

A. They are to hold the visor in the folded (storage) position.


Q. I bought a newer GPS and want to use my visor with the new one, can you send me some more Velcro®?

A. If you need additional Velcro® (for any reason) just let us know, we have it available. Contact Us.


Q. Do you answer your Email?

A. We ALWAYS answer our mail (usually within a few hours). If you’re not getting our replies, check your spam or junk mail folders!


Q. I want to remove the Velcro® from my unit. What is the best way to do that?

A. Simply peel the Velcro® from the unit.  If any adhesive remains, it can be removed with citrus-based cleaner such as ‘Goo-Gone®’, or you can even use WD-40 on a rag.