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Bucket-List Worthy Road Trips

Bucket-List Worthy Road Trips

All across America, this great country is home to some of the most iconic and breath-taking locations in the world. From coast to coast, you can always find a destination worth visiting on a vacation. There are some however, that are a little more worth seeing than others, making them bucket list-worthy destinations. If you are hitting the road for a vacation this summer, here are a few of the coolest destinations to put on your list of stops on your travels.

The most famous road in the United States, Route 66 was the place to be for road trips over 50 years ago and is still a great trek for road trippers today. Stretching from Los Angeles to the Midwest, this is a great road featuring some of the coolest gas stations, motels, drive thrus and more along the way. If you want to participate in some driving history, then get your kicks on Route 66.

The golden coast of California is home to one of the most breathtaking roads in the country with the Pacific Coast Highway. Beginning in Monterey, California, this road stretches 550 miles all the way into Orange Country, giving you an outstanding view of the ocean on your right the entire way there.

If mountain views are high on your list of incredible road trip destinations, one of the best spots in the country is the Blue Ridge Parkway. This 400 mile long stretch through the Appalachians takes you through Virginia and North Carolina and has even been coined as “America’s Favorite Drives.” From spring through fall, this is easily one of the most breathtaking scenic drives in the country.

For warm weather and outstanding ocean views, the Overseas Highway is 120 miles of the most unique drive you will ever go on. From the Florida Keys to Miami, you find yourself essentially on a bridge over the ocean where the Florida East Coast Railway used to be for a good stretch of the drive. With great stops along the way, this is one of the more memorable drives out there.

While it may not seem like South Dakota has much to offer for views, the Badlands loop is one of the coolest sight seeing trips you can embark on. Traveling on highway 240, you will some of the best views of the incredible buttes and rocks on the cliffs from a safe distance.

What is on your road trip bucket list? Have you visited any of these spots? Let us know in the comments!

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