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Historic Travel Destinations in the USA

Historic Travel Destinations in the USA

With the approach of the summer, comes more and more road trips and vacations throughout the country. For the next three months, millions of families will hit the road and the airports, all heading to different destinations everywhere. If you are planning a vacation for the summer, consider some of these awesome historic United States travel destinations.

Best Historic Destinations in the USA

No coast compares to the east coast when it comes to historical value, and there are many cities that are well worth a visit if you are planning a historic vacation. Washington D.C. is a great city that should be at the top of everyone’s list. From the capitol building, to Lincoln’s memorial and more, this incredible city is oozing with the beginning of this great country. For more great historic cities on the east coast, check out this full article from U.S. News.

10 Best Bucket-List U.S. History Sites

U.S. History is easily one of the most fascinating things to learn about as Americans, and there are tons of cities that give you the unique opportunity to learn more about it and even experience it for yourself. New York is always a popular city to visit on vacation, but did you know about all the history this city has? Check out the Brooklyn bridge which is now over 130 years old, or learn more about President Franklin D. Roosevelt who spent his summers on the Hudson River. Find out more great destinations in this article from USA Today.

20 Places Every American Should See

The south is an area rich with history and entertainment. If history and fun are what you are wanting, look no further than the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Home to the famous Bourbon Street and the annual Mardi Gras parades, this area is a great place to learn about some of America’s earliest immigrants from France. This area truly is like an entirely different culture. To learn more about the French Quarter and other incredible cities, check out this article from Budget Travel.

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