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Garmin Nuvi Presents Advanced GPS Navigation for Vehicles

Garmin continues to impress with vast improvements to its Nuvi GPS device. This product line is divided into three groups: the Essential, Advanced and Prestige series. The Essential includes 5” to 6” touchscreens, the Advance series is available in 4.3”, 5” and 7” touchscreens while the Prestige is only available in 5”.

The Friendly Voice of GPS

Garmin’s Nuvi includes the company’s trademarked Real Directions with Real Voice. This feature is intended to make the experience warmer with a more human-like voice that gently guides the driver rather than barking robotic commands at them. The Real Directions guide presents easily identified landmarks, traffic lights and buildings instead of difficult to read street names.


HD Digital Traffic in 30 Seconds

Traffic is a big concern for GPS users. Drivers can use the Nuvi’s HD digital traffic function to know what’s coming much sooner. The device is faster than most, with traffic updates that are received every 30 seconds. This device also covers a larger area, including secondary streets, highways, interstates and as much as three times as many side roads.


Many Features in One GPS Device

The Nuvi’s list of features is impressive. Along with its sleek look, the device includes voice activated navigation, Bird’s Eye junction views, Bluetooth compatibility, smartphone support, active lane guidance and a powered magnet mount that charges while driving. All you need to add is your Glarestomper to stop display glare and you’re ready to navigate with the Nuvi!

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