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Tear Up the Pavement with the TomTom Rider GPS for Motorcycles

Tear Up the Pavement with the TomTom Rider GPS for Motorcycles

The #TomTom #Rider is GPS made just for motorcycles! As the weather gets warmer, more and more riders are tuning up their bikes and getting ready to enjoy the summer scenery with the wind in their face and two wheels on the pavement. This is also a great time to look into adding a TomTom Rider with GPS hood to your favorite ride.

TomTom Rider GPS Basics

The TomTom Rider comes with a number of appealing features. You receive free lifetime maps, free daily map changes and points of interest which show all the locations you could want, from restaurants and diners to motels, gas stations and more.


The device also features IQ Routes which taps into the world’s largest database of real travel times. This ensures that your TomTom Rider displays the fastest path and supplies accurate arrival times so you can stay on schedule for car shows, festivals and concerts.


Features Any Motorcycle Rider Will Love

If you’re the adventurous type, then you’ll love TomTom’s Winding Roads. This feature picks out the routes that include the most adrenaline-pumping curves in the area so you can really customize your journey. TomTom also provides trip recording capability so you can capture every mile of your trip to find your favorite stretches of pavement again and again.


Those who really want to get the most out of every motorcycle ride will appreciate the Tyre Pro improved PC route management feature. This allows you to build a route at home on your computer that can be uploaded to your TomTom Rider. That way you know where you’ll be stopping and make sure you hit all the best curves and roads on your next motorcycle ride!

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