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TomTom Improves Its Mobile App for Runner & Multisport Users

TomTom Runner and Multisport owners rejoice: the company has released a phone app that allows for more functionality from both devices. Mobile access is a must for newer technology, especially in the GPS industry.

Business Insider published stats at the end of 2013 that revealed that one in five people across the globe own a smartphone while one in 17 own a tablet. Those numbers will likely continue to grow as technology evolves and companies like TomTom continue to roll out wireless functionality for internet enabled devices.


Getting Started with the TomTom App

New users should note that they may need to do a firmware update before the mobile app will work. This process will require access to a computer. Simply plug in the device and locate the update as instructed. The update should only take a few minutes and will not erase or alter the device’s current settings.


Once everything is setup, the GPS device and phone should work flawlessly. The TomTom device will automatically download workouts as soon as they are complete, as long as the mobile phone is within range. From the phone, the workout will become available on TomTom’s website.

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