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Garmin Makes RV Driving Even Safer with the RV 760

Garmin Makes RV Driving Even Safer with the RV 760

RVs have become a popular part of the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you go RVing all year round or just on the weekend, Garmin has a handy device that can make you a safer RV owner. The RV 760 is designed specifically for recreational vehicles and includes a number of must-have features that can prevent accidents.

Get a Better Rear View with the RV 760

Most RVs tend to be big, which can lead to challenges when in motion. Backing up a car with a rear window is a cake walk compared to carefully maneuvering a 15,000 lb. or more living space on wheels while going in reverse. The RV 760 offers a modern solution because it is available as a bundle pack with a wireless backup camera.


The camera transmits live feed so you can see exactly what’s going on behind your RV as it happens. The image can be displayed on the device up to 45 feet away. The rear camera will require a power source, like the rear lights. Garmin recommends professional installation to ensure safety and functionality.


The driver can quickly toggle between navigation mode and the camera’s live feed with the push of a button. The device also includes an auto view setting that automatically switches to the camera when the vehicle starts backing up.


GPS That’s Made for RVs

Along with the convenient back up camera, the RV 760 includes a 7” high resolution touchscreen, Garmin’s Real Directions and Real Voice features and a special RV routing feature that helps the driver avoid RV-related restrictions.

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