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Garmin Reveals its G3X Touch System for Aircraft

Garmin Reveals its G3X Touch System for Aircraft

March 2013 was an exciting month for aviation enthusiasts because this was the month that Garmin announced its new G3X Touch technology.

This system is designed to be used in light sport and experimental amateur-made aircraft. Team X, better known as Garmin’s experimental engineering team, have introduced a number of advanced features that pilots and builders will love.

A large 10.6” display provides a split screen viewing mode along with a wide range of valuable interface options. Text and graphics are designed to be easily read and completely user friendly so pilots can access data instantly. Other features include enhanced situational awareness, new comm radio, AOA indicator support and seamless integration.

According to vice president of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf, Team X has heard the requests of customers and applied their personal interest in aviation to design a device that “offers a number of enhanced capabilities that give our amateur-built and light sport customers what they asked for, and more.”

G3X Touch pricing is another reason for aviation enthusiasts to get excited. A single display system with video input, SVX, ADAHRS, OAT probe, magnetometer, WAAS GPS receiver and interactive mapping capability starts at around $5,500.

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