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Golfers Rejoice: A Garmin GPS Handheld Made Just for the Green!

Golfers Rejoice: A Garmin GPS Handheld Made Just for the Green!

Golfers will love technology even more when they see what Garmin has in store for serious players. The wireless Approach is a Garmin handheld device that gives players access to a number of sport-related tools while they play.

Available as the Approach G7 and G8, this device is packed with all the typical features you expect like color displays and touchscreens, but incorporate as number of luxurious extras developed specifically for the golfer.

Players who prefer to keep their smartphones in their bags can opt for the Approach, which contains over 30,000 preloaded international golf courses. The rechargeable battery holds enough juice to survive through multiple rounds. A number of new, innovative features are also built-in, like PlaysLike Distance which provides adjusted range for downhill and uphill shots.

Just like smartphones, the Approach can also receive text messages, emails and call alerts. Players can stay connected even if they prefer to tuck their mobile phone safely away somewhere else while they golf. Approach is compatible with iPhone 4S models and newer.

Other features include Club Advice, which makes club recommendations based on the user’s shot distances. Big Numbers mode enlarges vital information on the display so the user can comfortably view the details they need quickly and without eye strain.

The Approach is designed for outdoor use. The newest models offer a number of attractive new features that can help golfers improve their game and protect their smartphones.

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