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Advice for New Geocachers!

GPS owners have found that geocaching can be a lot of fun. It gives families a reason to go out together and explore their local community or discover whole new areas they have never visited. There’s something exhilarating about successfully tracking down a hidden cache.

While the prize at the end may not be of high monetary value, the thrill of the chase and opportunity to learn and experience is more than enough. If you plan to take up this new technology-based pastime, then there are a few things you should know.

Geocaching Tip 1: Prepare Yourself and Your Equipment Before You Geocache. Some geocaches are easily accessible while others require more effort to find. Make sure you are familiar with the area and distance you will be traveling. Wear proper attire for the terrain and make sure you know how to use any safety equipment that might be needed.

If your cache is located within the borders of a national park, make sure you consult the park’s regulations for this activity. Many have very strict rules that apply specifically to geocaching. It also doesn’t hurt to have a GPS shade hood on your device so you can quickly read it as you search.

Geocaching Tip 2: Stick to Designated Paths and Be Respectful

Always stick to designated paths and routes to prevent hazardous situations. Do not create new trails or attempt to shortcut across wild terrain. Only cross waterways at designated spots and hike in a single file line to prevent unnecessary widening of a trail. The GPS track back feature is the best way to flag your progress and find a way back without defacing the natural environment.

Geocaching Tip 3: Clean Up After You Head Out

Once you have found your geocache and decide it’s time to go, make sure you clean up. Leave something in the cache and take any garbage you created with you. That includes pet waste and food wrappers. The cleaner you are, the better it is for everyone who visits the area after you depart!

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